DigiOwner is India’s First Digitized Integrated One-Stop PropTech Solution. It has reinvented the real estate business for property buying, renting, owning, maintenance, and payment solutions.

With MISPL DigiOwner, we aim to foster the trust and authenticity of our customers. Using our best in class consultants and advisors with several industry tie-ups we strive to deliver a cost-effective, customer-centric, simple-to-use, technology-enabled, analytics-driven, and innovative E2E PropTech solution.


    Underpromise and overdeliver

    We, as a company, believe in going above and beyond the extent of obligation in order to satisfy all of our stakeholders. It's about obtaining the most out of your money, time, and trust from an organisation.


    We establish our partnership in such a way that our customers can rely on the organization's integrity, competence and strength.


    A partnership can't work if its members don't know how to communicate with one another. We have an open and respectful atmosphere at MISPL, where everyone is expected to regard each other with the utmost dignity and decency.


    Ownership entails taking initiative to achieve intended goals. As an owner of the company, we don't wait for others to act, we are passionate about the results and hence take the first step.


    Our dedication to professional excellence guarantees that our customers receive the best service possible. Our goal is for our products and services to be executed and delivered flawlessly.

Career With US

Be it a fresher or an experienced professional, we are always in search of talented individuals who will add new energy to our work and our team.

Empower Yourself

Working with DigiOwner, you will be a part of a Hardworking but also a very supportive team who believes the key to overcoming every obstacle in the PropTech industry is to work as a team and not individually in silos. The best part, is that everyone's opinion are welcome in the decision making discussions of the company. In this way we will not only groom you to be the best in you domain but you will also have better understanding of the management and workflow.

Why Work With Us?

Learn As You Work

Our team leaders also act as exceptional mentors. We believe that the organization's growth and an individual's growth go hand in hand. We will ensure you learn and grow if you ensure the organization grows.

Flexibility of Work

You can choose between an array of departments and fields you wish to work on. You can also choose to switch between departments to explore your fit and interests.

Your opinion matters

Every opinion matters. We believe anyone can have insightful suggestions, and therefore, we follow an open-door policy. You can directly convey your suggestions, concerns and expectations to the concerned management.

Fun Environment

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    “If you can laugh together, you can work together.”

    Our HR team is in charge of coming up with initiatives to enhance community culture.

    Every member of the DigiOwner family anticipates the events that are hosted by them.
    They encourage us to celebrate all of life's special occasions and festivals as a family. They bring us together for guest lectures and training from consultants, core members, and industry professionals. They offer us monthly celebrations, rewards and recognition.

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